The Best Way to Learn to Sing Harmony

If you can to sing harmony, there are numerous scenarios this can be fun for you. You could learn how to sing harmony from home and enjoy doing it in a studio, while driving, or even in a choir. Below are some tips that can help you learn to sing harmony:

1. Consider Ear Training

Listening is an important aspect of learning to sing harmony, so it's important that you develop sharp ears. There are effective ear training methods that you can apply. Read more great facts on  diaphragm singing lessons, click here. 

2. Practice Singing a Lot

Singing is probably the most essential exercise you can undertake in your endeavor to become a great harmony singer. You need to practice singing as often as you can, exploring something different every time. Please visit website here for more great tips!

3. Try Singing Alongside Other Singers

Practicing with other people can also help. So, practice with somebody that already does a harmony part extremely well. First, attempt to follow their lead, listening to what they're doing and imitating it. It can work every well in a choir context where several people are singing the same part.

4. Try Singing Sheet Music

If possible, attempt to sing a part presented in music notation. It helps see the notes and create a relationship between the graphical notes on sheet music and the heard audible notes.

5. Listening Acutely, Actively

If you've got a chance to listen to music, don't limit your attention to its superficial sound. Rather, listen deeply and attempt to catch the intricate details of the music. What can you do deduce of the bass line? How about the rhythm? Can you identify with your ears any countermelodies? Listening deeply while also reading sheet music can help you master harmony singing.

6. Practicing With an Instrument

Practicing with an instrument can also help hone your skills when it comes to singing harmony. An instrument such as the piano would be great for this exercise. If you haven't done this before, then attempt to play some random notes while singing in harmony with it. You could stay in a single key while progressing step by step. You may then attempt parallel thirds, fourths etc.

You can learn how to sing harmony from home at your utmost convenience. This requires a lot of sacrifice on your part and exercising. Some of the most useful exercises to help become a better harmony singer include ear training, practicing with an instrument, listening attentively, singing while playing music notes, and singing in a choir.